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At the workplace

Staff representatives

Staff representatives are employees, who are elected by the members of the work community to represent themselves in workplace matters. Union representative (luottamusmies) and occupational safety and health representative (työsuojeluvaltuutettu) are the most common types of staff representatives in Finland.  In addition, it may also be possible to elect safety ombudsmen (työsuojeluasiamies).

Staff representatives make sure, that collective agreements and labor laws are followed and respected at workplaces. We train the staff representatives and provide support whenever needed.

Union representative

The union representative helps members of PAM in all employment relationship matters in the workplace. The union representative negotiates, facilitates agreements and conveys information between employees and the employer.

Occupational safety and health representative

Occupational health and safety representatives represent their workplace’s workers in all matters of health and safety.  

European Works Council (EWC)

A European Works Council is a group of representatives elected by employees. In cooperation with the company’s management, these representatives participate in dealing with employee matters.

Interested in serving as a staff representative?

Are you a PAM member who wants to listen to and support your colleagues? Are you familiar with the day-to-day operations and conditions in your workplace and interested in developing them? Would you like to help your colleagues in employment matters?

Step up to the challenge or encourage a colleague to do so – the entire workplace will benefit!