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Career services

Are you looking for a job, or do you want to develop your skills? PAM’s career services help you when you are looking for a new direction in working life or want to identify your strengths. You will also receive advice and help if you are at risk of unemployment, have been made redundant or have been temporarily laid off.

Career services are free for PAM members. On PAM’s job site, you can find all open jobs in the service sector.

Career services – free personal coaching 

PAM’s personal coaching will help you find your strengths. The coaching will help you to better recognise your skills. You will also get useful tips for both your work and career advancement. 
The coach will help you make plans and take action towards your new goals. You will get support for finding a job or opportunities for studying, for example. 

PAM’s career services offer: 

  • Personal coaching to support your job search and identification of skills 
  • Webinars to support your job search 
  • Small groups to support your job search 
  • A material bank to support your job search and the development of your skills 
  • A video interview simulator 
  • Online courses for union representatives 
  • An online course for summer job seekers. 

The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.  

How to log in to the service 

When you book an appointment for coaching, download materials from the material bank or want to use the video interview simulator, you will be directed to a strong authentication service to verify your membership. You can log in to the career services with your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. 

Service sector job vacancies

PAM’s jobs site makes it easy to apply directly for jobs in your sector. You can refine the search results e.g. based on location,  occupation, type of employment or company. You can set up a Job monitor that e-mails you job vacancies directly. On the site you can also find tips for job searching and working life.

The content of PAM’s jobs site is provided by Duunitori. The content is automatically updated on the site via the Duunitori job search engine. PAM is not liable for the content of job vacancy ads or the reliability of the employers advertising.

Last updated: 08.08.2023