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Career services

Are you looking for a job, or do you want to develop your skills? PAM’s career services help you when you are looking for a new direction in working life or want to identify your strengths. You will also receive advice and help if you are at risk of unemployment, have been made redundant or have been temporarily laid off.

Last updated: 24.04.2024

Career services are free for PAM members. On PAM’s job site, you can find all open jobs in the service sector.

Career services – free personal coaching 

PAM’s personal coaching will help you find your strengths. The coaching will help you to better recognise your skills. You will also get useful tips for both your work and career advancement. 
The coach will help you make plans and take action towards your new goals. You will get support for finding a job or opportunities for studying, for example. 

How to log in to the service 

When you book an appointment for coaching, download materials from the material bank or want to use the video interview simulator, you will be directed to a strong authentication service to verify your membership. You can log in to the career services with your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. 

Tule mukaan!

In personal coaching, we help you with finding a job and developing your skills (e.g. related to studies).

Career coaches help you in your job search. We offer career coaching even for union representatives. Our coaches are very familiar with various allowances and support measures (adult studies, studying as an unemployed job seeker, adjusted daily allowance etc.) so you will get clarity on these issues as well.

The coaching takes place via video so you can participate anytime and anywhere. The coaching is free of charge.

It can be challenging to find out your skills and strengths. What am I good at and what might require further development? What are my abilities related to my personal characteristics?

It’s easy to show one’s work and study history, but how to identify your abilities and the things that make you unique? With the help of our study material, you get a better understanding of your existing skills and strengths. Recognizing these qualities increases self-esteem and creates a good foundation for further development at work and what you tell about yourself in a possible job interview.

Help for finding a job, recognizing and articulating your talent (Online groups) 

The purpose of this small group is to help you in recognizing your own talent and finding a job that meets your talent. At the same time you receive support in developing your talent (studying) and articulating your talent (job-seeking documents). 

This small group is targeted to people working in service industry, who want to map out and develop their own talent. You can be either a job-seeker or employee/student considering seeking new jobs. At the registration the participants are asked about their expectations concerning the content of the training. 

Welcome to register for PAM’s small group online coaching!

Thursday, April 11, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Yes you can! Help in recognizing and developing your talent ! At the first session you will receive concrete help in recognizing your own talent. We will also go through what kind of studying possibilities you have as an adult student 

Thursday, April 18, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Tell me about your talent! Help in writing your job application At the second session we will come strong on the job application. The coach will help you in concrete ways in writing your job application. You will also get support from the other attendees of the group. In addition to writing the job application we will get acquainted with different job-seeking channels (also hidden jobs).

Thursday, April 25, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Tell me more! Help in producing your CV and social media texts  At the third session we will familiarize primarily with the CV. You will learn to make a positively distinct CV. We will also go through different recruitment forms and the way in which the recruiters are using certain index terms. Depending on the wishes of the group, the coach will also help with social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn). 

Please note! This registration is for all 3 events.

In the group you will receive tangible hints from the coach and you will get to share thoughts with other attendees. The group will be visited by a service branch recruiter, who will explain the recruiters viewpoint on convincing job-seeking documents. You will have a chance to ask the recruiter about job-seeking. 
The group will be filled in order of registration. We will accept people also on a waiting list. After registrating you will receive information about the group’s situation. After that you will get a link to the first remote meeting. The trainer will be online 15 min before the start. Check that you get the confirmation emails to be sure that your contact information is correct. 

A day before the group meeting you will get a reminder email but we recommend that you add the training into your calendar already. Nice to have you with us! 

The sessions are hosted by career coach Emilia Sorajoki. 

Covid increased the number of remote work and remote job interviews. Both are here to stay. In a video interview simulator, you get to practice a video job interview in three different languages in an authentic environment. Our video interview simulator platform is Recright, which is preferred by many recruiters. Train independently or together with your personal coach.

Download CV and job application templates, take advantage of hidden job listings and learn how to use Canva. You can use the material bank 24/7. The material is suitable for independent work and serves as a support for personal coaching.

We offer support for union representatives 24/7 in the form of online courses. The material is suited for independent work and the chat allows you to get in touch with the coaches. Please check the other courses offered by the trade union!

In this online course, you will learn how to become a better (summer) job seeker. The course is tailored for young people looking for a summer job, but you can also use the same skills later in life.

The total duration of the course is 30 minutes, and you can download the course’s job application documents as a support in job search. In addition, you get a lot of useful information right from the moment you order your tax card.

Jobs in the service sector

On PAM’s job site you’ll easily find job openings in your sector. You can sort the search results, for example based on location, profession, type of employment or company.