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Last updated: 22.05.2024

Annual holiday, leave and days off vary between sectors

When you work, you accumulate days of annual leave in accordance with the law. Other types of leave include family leave and study leave, for example, and days off based on mid-week holidays in accordance with collective agreements.

In this section, we have compiled information about leave and days off in an employment relationship.

All workers accumulate days of annual leave

All workers accumulate days of annual leave. Even if a worker does not accumulate actual days of annual leave, she or he will receive holiday pay.

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Family leave and study leave

When a child is born or adopted, a worker is entitled to family leave. Read more about family leave.

A worker can apply for study leave, which means leave from work for training or study. Read more about study leave.

Christmas, Easter and other mid-week holidays

With the exception of Independence Day, mid-week holidays are not automatically days off for everyone. The collective agreement includes provisions on days off and compensation for mid-week holidays. Read more about mid-week holidays.