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Student membership

Are you studying for a career in the service sector in a vocational education institution or a university of applied sciences? You should join PAM as a student member – membership is very useful!

PAM’s student membership is free – join now!

PAM’s student membership is free of charge. As a student member, you get

Work-life knowledge

You get information about the working conditions and wages in your field

Trainings and events

You can participate in PAM’s training and events for free

Membership benefits

You have access to PAM’s valuable membership benefits such as CityShoppari

Get ready for worklife

When you go to work, you are aware of your rights.

What is the difference between student membership and full membership?

Students don’t have to pay any membership fees. A student member is not entitled to PAM’s legal aid, industrial action compensation, employment relationship assistance or unemployment security, nor has they the right to vote in union elections. 

Join PAM if you are studying in the following fields in a vocational education institution or a university of applied sciences:

“The benefits for PAM members are very good. It’s worth belonging to PAM already during your studies, as you will then get a lot of useful information about working life and can participate in free events. In these events, I’ve made several new friends, and I wouldn’t have had these experiences and friends anywhere else!”

Nea Ikonen, PAM member

Become a full member as soon as you graduate

When your studies end, your student membership will also end. As soon as you start working, you should join as a full member of PAM because it lets you start accumulating the employment requirement and get help in employment-related issues. Membership of a trade union is your best security and support in working life.

Read more about why it is worth switching from student membership to full membership. 

Any questions regarding student membership? You can contact us via email:

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, you can only become a student member if you are studying a service sector profession in a vocational education institution or a university of applied sciences. You can become a member if you are completing a double degree for a profession in the service sector.

If you work while studying in an upper secondary school, become a full member of PAM. 

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Student membership is free of charge, so it does not include unemployment security or legal aid. To receive unemployment security or legal aid, you must have been employed and a full member for at least 26 weeks. Because of this, it is a good idea to change your student membership to a full membership as soon as you start working.

Unfortunately, PAM’s student membership is our first membership, and you cannot change the membership for a student membership as a full member. However, if you are unemployed due to studying and not receiving wages, you have the right to a period without membership fees. You will quality for a period without membership fees by notifying PAM of your study.

Read more about the period without membership fees.

You will pay normal membership fees from the wages you have earned while studying. 

You should join PAM as a full member when you start a summer job in the service sector or work in the service sector during your studies. You never know what kinds of issues you may face in your workplace, and the union can assist you with questions about matters such as your employment relationship and wages.

As a full member, you can also accumulate the employment requirement for your earnings-related unemployment allowance. You meet the employment requirement once you have been in salaried work for at least 26 calendar weeks. Each calendar week in which you work for at least 18 hours counts as a week for the employment requirement, as long as you also pay membership fees based on your wages. The employment requirement must be fulfilled during a period of 28 months.

Read more about the employment requirement and earnings-related unemployment allowance on the unemployment fund’s website.

Read more about why you should join PAM.

No. Your student membership with PAM will automatically end one year after your graduation. When you graduate and start working, you should join as a full member. 

No. Your student membership cannot be automatically changed into a full membership. You must separately join as a full member.

You can be a student member of several trade unions at the same time. This is understandable because it is sometimes difficult to know which union’s terms of employment the student will be covered by when they become employed after graduation. 

When you go to work, you can only be a full member of one trade union and unemployment fund.