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PAM studies

How much of the work in the service sectors is part-time work? How do our members feel about their working life? What do Finns think about work in the service sectors? These are some of the issues we examine regularly.

It’s better to know than to believe hearsay. It’s good to be informed because averages don’t reveal everything about people’s lives in the service sectors – many typical issues are overlooked. We share our research results.

Read more about the results of our surveys!

PAM’s regular surveys

Member survey

In our member survey, which we carry out every autumn, we ask our members about working conditions, employment relationships and current themes, among other aspects.

Attraction barometer

A survey of working-age Finns on the attractiveness of the service sectors.

Business cycle barometer

The results of the quarterly business cycle barometer reflect our members’ views on their own and their employers’ finances.

Immigrant survey

Every five years or so, we carry out a survey on our immigrant members’ experiences.

Individual studies and reports

We have ordered or carried out studies and reports on, for example, the following topics: wage poverty, local agreements, the coronavirus pandemic, labour shortages and occupational safety in various sectors. This work continues.

Research project partnerships

As a partner, we are involved in universities’ and research institutes’ research projects and consortia. This work continues.