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Uniofy – a new digital service for union representatives and members              

We have introduced the Uniofy service, which brings the union’s activities to workplaces digitally.

Uniofy for union representatives 

Uniofy is a tool that helps you succeed even better in your tasks!

What can you use Uniofy for at the moment? 

  • You can create a numerical snapshot of the level of trade union membership by site and at company level 
  • You can create a digital workplace community and maintain member data
  • You can create site structures. This facilitates communication within the workplace community
  • You can involve members in lobbying and organisational activities
  • You can reach the members and staff you represent by sending an application message or by calling
  • You can recruit new members
  • You can conduct surveys and votes for employees
  • You can monitor participation in various activities in lobbying campaigns in the workplace

Uniofy for trade union branches 

For trade union branches, Uniofy serves as a member register where the chairs and persons in charge of membership affairs can view membership information. All data in Uniofy is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

In Uniofy for trade union branches, it is also possible to send bulletins to members and collect information about their jobs

In bulletins sent by trade union branches, the sender’s email address is The message is safe to open and read.

Signing up to the service 

Strong authentication is required when you sign in the first time. After that, your username and password will be enough.

Uniofy is currently available only through a web browser. 

Your data is secure 

Information security has been taken into account in all functionalities, meaning that the users of Uniofy can process data in a secure environment. The data is based on information from PAM’s membership register, and PAM owns all the data accumulated on the Uniofy platform.

The service will be developed in stages 

Uniofy will be developed gradually. In the early stages, the focus is strongly on developing functionalities for union representatives. Functionalities for trade union branches are being developed, and the work is guided by user experiences.

What is coming in 2023? 

  • A targeted communication function for different employee groups in the workplace 
  • Creation of discussion groups
  • Many more features, about which we will provide information on this page later

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Frequently asked questions  

When you receive an email from PAM via Uniofy, you should sign up as a user of the service. By signing up, you will receive messages targeted at you and your workplace community, and you can contact your union representative.  

The contact information for PAM members is based on PAM’s membership register data. Even if you are not a member, you can receive a message if you have indicated that you would like us to contact you.

Yes, you can. Uniofy is PAM’s official information system, in which the data to be processed is stored in a secure environment in accordance with PAM’s privacy statements.

PAM’s privacy statements

By signing up as a user of Uniofy, you will be provided with an entirely new type of opportunity to be part of your digital workplace community.

The more actively members start using the service, the more comprehensive functionalities we will be able to build within the service, in addition to enabling a continuous communication tool for workplace communities for matters related to the workplace.

Through the service, you will receive messages sent to you by your union representative or trade union, and will also have access to other functionalities.

Read more about Uniofy 

Last updated: 05.01.2024