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The union representative represents employees in the workplace

The union representative helps members of PAM in all employment relationship matters in the workplace. The union representative negotiates, facilitates agreements and conveys information between employees and the employer. The representative is bound by a confidentiality obligation.

Having a union representative in the workplace serves everyone’s best interests!

Employees and the employer can avoid many problems when they have a competent union representative in the workplace. Employees are provided with assistance in employment relationship matters. For the employer, the union representative is an expert partner.

The union representative is elected by PAM members covered by the collective agreement applicable to the workplace. 

  • Provide employees with information about the benefits of PAM membership and events organised by PAM
  • Monitor compliance with collective agreements and labour laws in the workplace
  • Negotiate and agree with the employer on matters concerning employees
  • Listen to and assist employees in employment relationship matters
  • Ensure that employees are treated equally and fairly
  • Contribute to the development of the workplace community
  • Settle disagreements in negotiations between an employee and the employer. For example, an employee can request the union representative to be present when the termination of her or his employment is discussed with the employer
  • Actively recruit new members
  • Maintain industrial peace
  • Convey information about PAM’s membership benefits and events in the workplace

  • Chief union representative
  • Union representative
  • Site-specific union representative
  • Deputy chief union representative
  • Deputy union representative
  • Site-specific deputy union representative

The trade union supports the union representative

The union representative does not act alone. She or he is supported by their workplace community and experts at PAM.

PAM offers training and advice to new and experienced union representatives PAM’s extensive network of union representatives provides peer support.

Read more about training and work counselling for union representatives

Interested in serving as a union representative?

Are you a PAM member who wants to listen to and support your colleagues? Are you familiar with the day-to-day operations and conditions in your workplace and interested in developing them? Would you like to help your colleagues in employment matters?

If so, become a candidate for the position of a union representative – it will benefit your entire workplace!

The union representative is entitled to training, remuneration and paid time off for their duties

The union representative is entitled to paid time off for taking care of her or his duties. Her or his remuneration varies between collective agreements.  

The union representative is also entitled to training. The unions have mutual training agreements that include local training for union representatives.

Frequently asked questions about union representatives

The union representative represents members of PAM in the workplace. She or he further develops the workplace in cooperation with employees who are members of PAM and provide advice and help in employment relationship matters. The union representative conveys information and informs employees about PAM membership.

Any employee in the workplace who is a member of PAM can be elected as a union representative.

A union representative doesn’t need to be superhuman and aware of all the complicated details of working life. PAM provides training to all union representatives and supports their work in the workplace.

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