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Support in all situations
in working life

Service Union United PAM safeguards the interests of those working in private service sectors and students in the field. We negotiate collective agreements and wages. We help our members in employment relationship matters and problems.


Take care of your membership. By keeping your membership information and payments up to date, you can ensure that you will get all the member benefits such as employment relationship advice, the right to legal services and counselling, beneficial training and career advice. You will also have unemployment security: as a member of PAM, you are also a member of the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United.

Member services and benefits

As a member of PAM, you will get help in questions related to working life. You can also develop your knowledge and skills by attending free training, and you can enjoy a range of member benefits, both at work and in your free time.


You can also benefit from PAM membership as a student: you will get information about the terms of employment and wages in your field, and you will be aware of your rights when you start working. You can also attend PAM’s training and events for free.

Teachers, book a working life info session! PAM’s school spokespersons tour educational institutions.

Become a member

PAM is your union if you work in the private service sector as a salesperson, cleaner, waiter, cook, security guard or caretaker, for example. We negotiate the terms and conditions of your job.

Recommend membership!

We will reward you with a gift card! 

We reward members of PAM who recommend PAM membership. When your friend joins PAM, you can choose from S Group, Lidl and K Group gift cards: €10 for one member, and €250 for five members!