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PAM-Wolt negotiations

PAM has started negotiations with Wolt to get an agreement on rules of work for couriers. Our aim is to secure predictable and fair terms for couriers. Support us by joining PAM – we are stronger together!

Couriers need a collective agreement

Couriers deserve basic rights at work. The demand for a collective agreement setting rules for work for Wolt couriers is a reaction to the insecurity of income couriers now live with.

A collective agreement would give couriers:

Frequently asked questions

A collective agreement is a contract between a trade union representing workers and a company or employers’ association that sets the minimum terms and conditions of work, for example compensation, working hours, holidays, time off, health and safety, and sick pay.

The self-employed also have the right to negotiate collectively to improve their working conditions.

The goal is to reach a collective agreement that secures fair terms and working conditions for all Wolt couriers.

If you are not yet a member, join PAM! The more couriers are united the stronger our voice at the bargaining table. Read more about membership for couriers

If you are already a member, spread information about the negotiations and about PAM Couriers Finland. You are rewarded for recruiting new members.

No. The European Commission has determined that solo self-employed also have the right to organise themselves and to bargain collectively.

Yes. PAM wants to improve the status of all couriers and secure fair terms for all, no matter if you were to be in an employment relationship to the platform or self-employed. We want couriers to have the choice.

PAM’s negotiating team is composed of two couriers chosen by PAM Couriers Finland and by expert negotiators from PAM. So, the PAM team has both knowledge of the realities of courier work, incomes and working conditions, as well as legal expertise and experience of negotiating with companies.

If PAM’s and Wolt’s negotiators come to a deal, then the negotiation result is analysed by the Board of PAM Couriers Finland that gives a recommendation to the PAM Executive Committee.

The final decision on approving or rejecting a negotiation result is made by PAM’ Executive Committee.

We will post news on the negotiations on this webpage and on social media. We also send out information in email newsletters to PAM members who work as Wolt couriers. Join PAM here

We try to keep courier members up to date on the negotiation process. But we cannot disclose details of the discussions or proposals put forth.

The reason is that negotiations are about finding a compromise that both parties can accept. That means honest discussions and exploring alternatives, and that requires trust. That is not possible if negotiations are done in public.

In collective bargaining negotiations nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, which is why we can’t say anything for certain until every issue on the table has been resolved in one way or another.


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