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PAM influences society

Work, livelihood, economic cycles. Tight schedules, education and digitalisation. These and many other factors affect workers in the service sectors.

PAM’s members, union representatives and employees operate in workplaces and negotiate with employers and their representatives to improve matters for workers.

We also influence the rest of society to improve workers’ situation. We share our views with decision-makers and issue statements.

Aiming for equal pay

Fair pay is in everyone’s interest. Unjustified pay differences must be eliminated. Workers must be paid the same wages for equal work of equal value.

An equal and non-discriminatory workplace

Parents must have equal rights and opportunities to care for their children. Everyone must have the right to work without violence and harassment.

The working environment and health and safety at work

In a safe working environment, every employee knows how to work safely. Occupational health and safety representatives must be provided with sufficient resources in relation to the number of workers and the size of the region that they represent.

Focus on workers’ well-being

The workload of employees in service sectors is increasing. Rapid responses to the symptoms experienced by workers would be beneficial for all: workers, employers and Finland’s ageing society.

The labour market and agreement models

Collective agreements must be used to determine a minimum level that ensures the livelihood of workers and appropriate employment relationships.

Industrial and economic policy

Successful industrial policy strengthens the service sectors and renewal in the digital green transition. It means new jobs and opportunities for better employment relationships.

Development of training

New skills are needed in jobs in the service industries. High-quality training and career-long competence development bring security to workers in the transformation of work. They also guarantee business success.


High-quality employment services help unemployed jobseekers. Good employment relationships and a socially sustainable labour market are an attraction factor for the service sectors and Finland.

Social security and income

The aim is a human-centric society model that takes account of changing life situations and changes in working life. Livelihood and the necessary welfare services are guaranteed for everyone.

Public services increase equality

Well-managed public services such as early childhood education and healthcare provide support and equal opportunities for individuals. They enable participation in working life.