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Meetings with policymakers

We are in contact with decision-makers and the authorities, on our own or together with our sister organisations. We share our views and highlight issues and reforms that affect the lives of our members. 

We are in direct contact with decision-makers and the authorities: political parties, ministries, the government and the Parliament of Finland. We issue statements in legislative preparation processes and participate in hearings organised by parliamentary committees. We propose reforms and highlight issues to ensure decision-makers understand how they affect the lives of workers in the service sectors.

We have an impact through negotiations with employers’ associations on the terms of employment. We have an impact on and through the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK). We also cooperate with employers’ associations in many areas.

The European Union and Finnish Members of the European Parliament are important targets of influence. EU directives and regulations shape Finnish legislation concerning working life and business operations. The Finnish Government’s guidelines on EU matters are important in this respect.

We are involved in European service sector workers’ organisations, which are in contact with various EU operators. Through these organisations, we also have an impact on the dialogue between European trade unions and employers’ associations.

We present our members’ cases in courts of law. The resolutions of the highest court instances are significant as precedents in the application of the law.

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