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Public services

Well-managed public services such as early childhood education and healthcare provide support and equal opportunities for individuals. They enable participation in working life.

Our goals

  • Childcare services to support the employment of parents
  • Quality public healthcare services

Childcare services to support the employment of parents

The forms of early childhood education include day care, family day care and open early childhood education activities. Early childhood education arrangements also have a major impact on parents’ opportunities to work.

These arrangements must therefore follow changes in working life and respond to today’s needs.

The service sectors also involve a great deal of work with irregular working hours, at all times of the day and at short notice. Few families with children currently have their own support network, which is why the opening hours of daycare centres should make daily life easier for families.

More round-the-clock daycare centres are needed.

Many service sector employees have school-age children who need care in the evening and at night. Care in the morning and afternoon is important, as is its cost. The fees should be proportionate to income.

The provision of childcare services when parents need them near their home or workplace supports parents’ employment and encourages them to find employment and accept work with irregular hours.

The quality of public healthcare services must be ensured

The purpose of the welfare state is to promote and maintain public health, well-being, working and functional capacity, and social security, and to reduce health inequalities.

People with a low income whose employer does not provide occupational healthcare must have quick access to treatment and rehabilitation through public healthcare services. This supports continued employment and a return to work after periods of disability.

Delayed access to services and the inability to purchase medicines because of high prices are reflected in the waiting lists for specialist medical care and in debt recovery proceedings. Finland cannot afford to lose a single person who is capable of working.

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Egëzona Kllokoqi-Bublaku

Egëzona Kllokoqi-Bublaku

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