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PAM is international

The labour market is becoming more international, multinational companies are growing, and workers are increasingly moving from one country to another. If a company violates workers’ rights outside Finland, the threshold for violating them in Finland becomes lower. Finnish workers also benefit from worldwide workers’ rights.

We are committed to promoting national and international democracy, justice, equality and social security.

Cooperation across borders

We influence workers’ rights and the regulation of working life through Nordic, European and global cooperation.

Nordic cooperation

We are a member of Nordic organisations that bring together trade unions in the fields we represent. We promote the exchange of information and formulate common positions.

European cooperation

We seek to promote a fair internal market and a fair working life within the EU.

Solidarity projects

Solidarity projects around the world strengthen free and democratic trade unions in developing countries. These projects are coordinated by the Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland (SASK).