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Recommend membership

Recommend PAM membership and get gift card rewards 

We reward members of PAM who recommend PAM membership. If your friend joins PAM, you can choose from S Group, Lidl and K Group gift cards. One recruited member gets you a €10 gift card, five recruited members gets you a €250 gift card.  


Why should you recommend PAM membership to your friends? 

When you recommend PAM membership, remember to tell your friends that PAM offers you security in your working life, as well as fantastic membership benefits such as career coaching and the CityShoppari app. To help your recruitment, you can use this example of what the membership benefits include. The stories of people in the service sector also include some good reasons for a PAM membership. 

Recommendations are easy to do online! 

You can send your friend a pre-written message on Messenger, or to your whole workplace team on WhatsApp! When you send a message through the recommendation pages, your recommendation information will be automatically included in the signup form.  

Get gift cards for new members    

PAM rewards its members for recommendations. The reward system is divided into three-month periods. The number of members you recruit in each period determines the value of the gift card you get for each period. The more members you recruit, the more you earn! 

Periods in 2023: 1 January–31 March, 1 April–31 May, 1 June–30 September and 1 October–31 December. 

1 member€10 gift card  
2 members€20 gift card
3 members€30 gift card
4 members€40 gift card 
5 members€250 gift card
6 members€260 gift card
7 members€270 gift card
8 members€280 gift card
9 members€290 gift card 
10 members€500 gift card
11 members€510 gift card

1 student memberno rewards
2 new members€10 gift card
3 new members20 € gift card
4 new members30 € gift card
5 new members100 € gift card
6 new members110 € gift card
7 new members120 € gift card
8 new members130 € gift card
9 new members140 € gift card 
10 new members150 € gift card
11 new members160 € gift card
12 new members170 € gift card
13 new members180 € gift card
14 new members190 € gift card 
15 jäsentä200 € gift card 
16 new members210 € gift card
17 new members220 € gift card
18 new members230 € gift card
19 new members240 € gift card
20 new members€260 gift card (maximum for each three-month period, no rewards for additional members)

3 new members = €20 gift card

4 new members = €30 gift card

5 new members = €100 gift card

6 members = €110 gift card

7 members = €120 gift card

8 members = €130 gift card

9 members = €140 gift card

10 members = €150 gift card

11 members = €160 gift card

12 members = €170 gift card

13 members = €180 gift card

14 members = €190 gift card

15 members = €200 gift card

16 members = €210 gift card

17 members = €220 gift card

18 members = €230 gift card

19 members = €240 gift card

20 members = €260 gift card (maximum for each three-month period, no rewards for additional members)

The recruited members must be members of PAM when the member recruitment information is checked. This happens in the middle of the month after the end of the recruitment period. We only reward one person for recruiting each new member.  

Union representatives have different rewards 

Union representatives’ reward system is slightly different.  If you are a union representative, follow these instructions: 

MembersGift voucher
1 €10
2 €20
3 €30
4 40 €
5 €100
6 €110
7 €120
8 €130
9 €140
10 €250
11 €260
15 €350
20 €500
25 €600
30 750
35 €850 etc.

Rewards for new student members

Student memberGift voucher
1no reward
20260 € (maksimi periodin aikana, ylimenevistä ei palkita)

Gift cards are taxable income  

PAM informs the Tax Administration of any gift cards you receive. According to the Tax Administration’s guidelines, gift cards are taxable income. 

Note: The Tax Administration needs your Finnish personal identity code (henkilötunnus). If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code, see the instructions on the page

Redeem your gift cards in PAM’s online store 

After the reward period ends, you can choose the gift cards you have earned in PAM’s online store. The gift card information will be updated on the online store’s order page within about two weeks of the end of the recruitment period. You can choose several gift cards up to the amount of the reward you have earned with your recommendations. You can choose gift cards for multiple retail groups (S Group, Lidl, K Group). 

We will send you an email reminder about any gift cards you have earned. Please remember to keep your contact information up to date in PAM’s e-services. 

Please redeem your gift cards within one month of the end of the recruitment period. If you have not redeemed your gift card from the online shop within the set time, we will automatically send you the S Group gift card with the amount you have accumulated during the recommendation period.

Recruitment periodRedeem gift cards by
1 January–31 Marchby 30April
1 April–31 Mayby 31Juli
1 June–30 Septemberby 31Oktober
1 October–31 Decemberby 28Januari