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Strike - 22.03.2023 klo 16.23

Second strike in facility services sector starts Thursday

Service Union United PAM and Real Estate Employers could not find agreement on pay increases for workers in the sector. Therefore, a second strike will start on Thursday, 23 March at midnight. About 25 000 workers at 16 companies are on strike.

The aim of PAM’s strike is to get better pay for low-wage workers.

“Inflation has hit low-wage workers the hardest, for example cleaners”, says PAM president Annika Rönni-Sällinen.

“The strike is our only way to influence the employer’s side at this point. We are sorry for any inconvenience to customers who are affected by the strike.”

Two-day strike is second in the sector

The strikes start on Thursday, 23 March at 00.00h and end on Friday, 24 March at 24.00h or at the end of a shift that started before 24.00h.

The strikes target work that is covered by the facilities services sector collective agreement at these companies:

  • Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy 
  • Coor service management Oy 
  • Delete Finland Oy 
  • Eskolanmäen kiinteistöpalvelut Oy 
  • Hakunilan Huolto Oy 
  • HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy 
  • ISS Palvelut Oy 
  • Kajaanin huoltokeskus Oy 
  • Kotikatu Oy 
  • L&T Kiinteistöhuolto Oy 
  • L&T Siivous Oy 
  • L&T Teollisuuspalvelut Oy 
  • Rovanapa Oy 
  • RTK-Palvelut Oy 
  • Siskon siivous Oy 
  • SOL Palvelut Oy 

The following sites or functions are not strike targets:

  • Cleaning connected to surgical procedures in specialised healthcare (cleaning of operating rooms).
  • Food industry facilities, where animals are slaughtered.
  • Cleaning and maintenance at nuclear power plants.

The work stoppages are not aimed at emergency work.

More information about the strikes here >