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Better together

We are Service Union United PAM. Together with our members, we improve the working life of service industry professionals.

PAM’s members include waiters, cleaners, chefs, retail workers, security guards, food couriers and many other professionals working in the private service sector.

Support throughout your career

Advice and support

The union representative helps you in the workplace. If there is no union representative, you can always contact our experts for advice. Do you have questions regarding salary, working time, leave or termination of the employment contract? We are here to help you!

Collective agreements

Our primary task is to negotiate collective agreements for workers in service sectors.  Through collective agreements, we develop and supervise our members’ interests and ensure that fair rules are followed in workplaces and working life.

Unemployment fund

As a member of PAM, you are also a member of the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United. The unemployment fund will pay you an earnings-related unemployment allowance if you lose your job or are laid off. 

Member benefits

Guidance on your career path

Are you looking for a job, or do you want to develop your skills? PAM’s career services help you when you are looking for a new direction in working life or want to identify your strengths. You will also receive advice and help if you are at risk of unemployment, have been made redundant or have been temporarily laid off.


Learn new things and network with other service sector employees in PAM’s training courses! In the courses, you will develop your competence and working life skills that will help you succeed in your career, increase your wellbeing and cope better.

Discounts and other benefits

As a member of PAM, you get a discount and benefits from the services of our partners. Benefits are available for, among other things, accommodation and holiday services, insurance, fuel and legal services. Also check out the hundreds of benefits and discounts included in the Cityshoppari mobile application.

Become a member

PAM is your union if you work in the private service sector as a salesperson, cleaner, waiter, cook, security guard or caretaker, for example. We negotiate the terms and conditions of your job.