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Strike - 30.03.2023 klo 00.05

The strikes were cancelled, but I didn’t notice. What should I do?

An agreement was reached, and the facility services sector strikes were cancelled at the last moment. Many thought they were on strike and had made plans accordingly. We have compiled a list of questions and answers that we hope will help with the most common situations due to the cancelled strike.

What should I do, when I thought the strikes would start, but they had been cancelled late in the evening? I didn’t get the news before going to bed and I missed my shift on Thursday.

You suffer no consequences (warnings, loss of pay, termination of contract etc). Be in touch with your supervisor as soon as possible. Go to work for your next shift at the latest.

But what if my employer for some reason doesn’t agree to pay salary for Thursday, 30 March?

We have agreed with the employers’ association that there will be no consequences. Possible disputes will be dealt with without delay in PAM.

If you were unintentionally off work on Thursday 30 March (you were not informed in time of the cancellation of the strike) and it has become unpaid leave, you will get PAM compensation for that day. Apply the compensation here.

I have made reservations for a trip from Thursday to Sunday, because I assumed I am on strike. What do I do now that the strikes are cancelled?

Try to come to an arrangement with your employer, for example on taking annual holiday.

I got the news late at night that the strike is cancelled. Do I need to go to work as usual on Thursday?

Yes. All strikes are cancelled, and you need to be ready to work.

I cancelled day care for my child for the rest of the week because I thought I would be at home with my child on the strike days.

Try to negotiate an arrangement with your day care provider. If it is not possible, talk to your employer about a solution.

What do I do, when the client company has closed their doors due to the strike and I can’t work my shift?

In this case, your employer pays you the salary.