Employment relationship

When you agree to work for an employer under the employer’s direction and supervision, you enter into an employment relationship. The key characteristics of an employment relationship are that work is done on the basis of an employment contract, for the employer and under the employer’s direction and supervision, and in exchange for pay or some other compensation.

As an employee, you have the right to receive pay according to the relevant collective agreement, join a trade union, enjoy the protection of laws and agreements, and work in a safe environment. It is the responsibility of each employee to perform their work carefully, following supervisors’ instructions, to refuse to engage in any competitive activities with the interests of their employer, to keep business and professional secrets and to bear the employer’s interests in mind.

An employer has the right to direct and supervise your work, hire employees, and cancel and terminate employment contracts. Each employer must comply with laws and agreements, treat employees equitably, attend to occupational safety, provide each employee with written terms and conditions of employment, as well as promote a good atmosphere at work and each employee’s performance at work and professional development.

In case you have questioins regarding your employment please contact primarily the shop steward at your work place. 

If there is no shop steward at your work place you can send your questions concerning the employment to us by filling out the form below or by calling PAM's employment advice telephone line 030 100 625.



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