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Ivalo wilderness cabins

Last updated: 20.05.2024

Ivalo wilderness cabins

Feel the call of the north? PAM members can rent wilderness cabins in Nanguvuono on Lake Inari, 20 km from Ivalo. The cabins sleep 4 persons and are in good condition. To get there, there is a walk of around 1.5 km.

The cabins have electric heating and are equipped with a fridge, stove and tableware. There are two communal wood-burning saunas, a smoke sauna, fireplace room, barbecue shelter and barbecue with smoker box. Each group of cabins has the use of a rowing boat (please bring your own life jackets). Ivalo wilderness cabins can only be rented by union members.

View photos.

Read more and book a cabin at members’ rates here.


Order your 2023 diary. Order using PAM’s webshop form. Log in using your online banking codes or mobile ID. Complete the information in the form carefully to make sure the diary reaches you.

You can order one diary only. We have a limited number of diaries. Diaries are free of charge for members.

Contents of diary include

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PAM members’ diary for the following year can be ordered in autumn each year. Ordering possibility announced on PAM website, newsletter and PAM social media channels.


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