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PHT wellbeing courses

Last updated: 12.04.2023

PHT wellbeing courses

PHT (Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys) is a health-promoting organisation that organises supported 1st step wellbeing courses for working-age adults and families with children.

Wellbeing courses for adults

Lasting change courses give you the chance to stop and assess your own wellbeing and coping. In the courses you review your own practices and habits around exercise, diet and lifestyle using a proven psychological procedure. You can also try out new forms of exercise with guidance and get information on nutrition, peer support and time for rest.

The course includes three on-site sessions (3 + 2 + 2 days) to promote implementing changes in everyday life. All wage earners, unemployed and self-employed persons can apply for the courses.

The courses suit people of working age who:

  • feel dissatisfied with their wellbeing
  • would like support in reviewing their everyday life and habits
  • would like support controlling their weight
  • suffer from exhaustion
  • have tried and to make changes to their habits, but without success

Apply for the course here

Family wellbeing courses

Wellbeing courses for families with children help families to review their own everyday life and find ways to support the wellbeing of all family members. On the courses you experience different types of exercise and try out sports, get tips and ideas for everyday life, wellbeing and lifestyle habits and time for rest and being together.

You pay a modest contribution that includes instruction, a comprehensive programme and full-board family accommodation.

Families with children of playground and school age can apply for the courses.

The courses are suitable for families with children who would like:

  • ideas for increasing physical exercise
  • tips for diet and children’s meals
  • tools for managing screen time and increasing family activities
  • support with managing weight

Apply for the course here

Selections for PHT wellbeing courses are made on health, financial and social criteria. Courses are supported from Veikkaus funds and participants pay a very modest contribution.

Extra support for PAM members:

The Finnish trade union holiday organisation SAL-lomat assists members of SAK member unions, including PAM, to participate in PHT wellbeing courses.

The extra support is provided backdated after the course.

Extra support for the Lasting change course is €70  (conditional on participating in all three on-site sessions).

On family courses, SAL Holidays gives extra support of €25 for each participant over the age of 6.

What you do: When you have participated in a PHT wellbeing course, send the details below by e-mail to

  • your name
  • your trade union
  • your account number in IBAN format

More information:
Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys PHT ry
020 144 1310 (weekdays 13–15.30)
Lintulahdenkatu 6 a 1, 00500 Helsinki

Contact information

Lintulahdenkatu 6 A 1
00500 Helsinki
020 144 1310