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19.03.2024 10:33

Development in negotiations between PAM and Wolt

The negotiations have extensively addressed various issues concerning self-employed couriers.

Negotiations on the rules of courier work have continued in good spirits between PAM and Wolt throughout March. Issues to be agreed upon have been worked on in subcommittees, which are divided by topic.

PAM aims to sign two collective agreements – one for self-employed couriers and another for employed couriers. Especially regarding the agreement for the self-employed, all topics presented by both sides in the negotiations have been addressed.

However, PAM’s Collective Bargaining Director Jaana Ylitalo emphasizes the importance of the final outcome.

– We have made progress on some of the topics. In negotiations, it’s always the overall outcome that ultimately matters, Ylitalo explains.

The second collective agreement is still in its initial stages, although the most central issues have also been jointly reviewed. PAM and Wolt will continue the negotiations in subcommittees in the coming weeks.

Follow the negotiations.