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07.05.2024 09:45

PAM-Wolt negotiations on track

Service Union United PAM and the technology company Wolt spent a whole day in negotiations last week.

PAM Couriers Finlandin puheenjohtaja Papy Nkunda.

—The negotiations are not easy as we are trying to create something completely new, but the discussions have been constructive, says PAM Couriers Finland chair Papy Nkunda who is part of PAM’s negotiation team.

—We have been going through all issues on the table, including payment models and benefits. The negotiations will continue this week. We hope to have reached a result by the end of June, says Nkunda.

Negotiations between Wolt and PAM on terms for couriers started in December 2023. The negotiations are historical, as there are no previous collectively negotiated agreements for self-employed platform workers.

PAM’s goal is to negotiate two collective agreements on terms for couriers: one agreement for self-employed courier partners and one agreement for employed couriers.

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