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Commercial sector`s collective agreement

Updated: 13.05.2022

The collective agreement for commerce employees sets out minimum terms of employment for work in the commerce sector. For example, sales assistants and warehouse workers will find information in the agreement on what wages, working hours or sick pay they should be paid. The terms are minimum terms.

The agreement is negotiated, for employees, by Service Union United PAM and, for employers, the Finnish Commerce Federation. The agreement period of the collective agreement is 1.2.2022 - 31.1.2024 (1+1 years).

The agreement applies in companies operating in retail trade, wholesale trade, trade logistics, wholesale on a fee or contract basis, kiosk trade, motorway traffic and service station activities, commerce service and support activities and machine rental. The commerce collective agreement covers around 200,000 employees.

Commerce sector collective agreement 1.2.2022-31.1.2024 (attachment in Finnish)

Collective agreement formatted e-version

Commerce collective agreement annex – agreements and recommendations (attachment in Finnish)


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What is new compared to the previous collective agreement?

Other key changes

Other points

Changes affecting supervisors

For shop stewards

Collective agreement in brief

Below are links to documents followed by a summary text the changes

Changes to commerce sector collective agreement (attachment in Finnish)

Changes to retail trade supervisors’ collective agreement (attachment in Finnish)

Check out and earn agreement (attachment in Finnish)

What is new compared to the previous collective agreement?

The agreement period of the commerce sector collective agreement is 1.2.2022 - 31.1.2024 (1+1 years). The increase for the second year will be negotiated by 15.12.2022. If no agreement is reached, the collective agreement can be terminated with the normal one-month termination period to end on 31.1.2023. The agreement reached made progress towards PAM’s objectives of improving recuperation from work and wellbeing.


Pay scales 2.2.2022 (attachment in Finnish)

Supplements (attachment in Finnish)

  • Overall 2% increase in wages. Increase applies to pay scales, personal wages, working hours supplements and staff representatives’ payments. Increase takes effect 1.5.2022.
  • Second wage increase instalment will be negotiated by 15.12.2022.
  • Two percent increase applies to all supplements and shop stewards’ payments.

Table Shop stewards’ payments  (attachment in Finnish)

Wage increase guide (attachment in Finnish)

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Text changes below come into effect on 2.2.2022 unless stated otherwise:

  Improvements to working hours provisions

PAM’s objective in the negotiations was to improve commerce sector employees’ coping at work, reduce the workload of night work and promote recuperation from work. PAM also aimed for better reconciliation of work and leisure time, among other things by having more days off between night shifts. These improvements to the collective agreement were negotiated:

  • Minimum daily rest extended. Employers and employers can reach a different agreement on daily rest. However, it must be at least 9 hours (previously 8 hours, increase of one hour).
  • Single days off may not be placed between night shifts.
    • One-off exceptions can be agreed with the employee.
  • In addition to weekends off at least 3 double days off a year.
  • Employer notifies employee of date of working hours review and the period it covers.
  • Model for offering full-time work
    • Locally agreed model, where employer undertakes to offer full-time work and in return is released from the working hours review obligation.
  • Also the following guidelines entered
    • As part of the operation of the adjustment system, variation in labour requirements during period to be addressed too.
    • Employers to ensure that meal and coffee breaks can actually be taken and to provide guidance on these if working alone.

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 Work to improve pay system progressing

PAM’s objective was to continue development of the pay system to correspond better to everyday life in the sector. PAM’s starting point is that matters are negotiated locally with the shop steward. These results are included in the collective agreement settlement:

  • A pay component based on skills and performance to be introduced.
    • Locally agreed alternative to the experience years scale.
    • Comes into force on 1.1.2023, implementation guidance and launch together with the Finnish Commerce Federation.
  • ICT protocol, short version.
    • Among other things, pay scales and pay groups maintained.
  • Work to continue on clerical job complexity classification.
    • To be completed during 2022.

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 Other key changes

 Changes to working hours

  • Part-time workers to be covered by 27-52-week adjustment system, provided that
    • Working hours at least 30 h/week. Previously requirement was full-time work (37.5 h/week).
    • Part-time workers to be paid prorated monthly pay.
  • Possibility to deviate from employment commitment time 5 times a year if necessary for a meeting or event held remotely.
  • Employer and employee can reach a different agreement on holiday eve days off on a one-off basis.
  • Employer and employee can reach a different agreement on 4-hour minimum working hours on a one-off basis.

  Joint development work

  • Working group set up to examine the effects of the reform of family leave on the provisions of the collective agreement. Work to be completed by 30.4.2022.
  • “Trade logistics” added to the scope (entry for clarification).
  • Trade logistics working group.
    • Provisions on the use of external labour incl. reserve labour.
    • Monitoring of scope.
    • Identification and registration of most demanding logistics tasks.
  • Training policy working group to continue its work.

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Other points


 Chech out and earn agreement for summer 2022

  • Check out and earn agreement for summer 2022; payment 380 euros (+ 5 euros from before).

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 Changes affecting supervisors


  • Overall 2% increase in wages and supplements as for other employees, and on the same dates (link to wages section above in this wiki).

Meal and coffee breaks

  • If for operational reasons meal or coffee breaks cannot be taken in the agreed or designated way, supervisors themselves when breaks are taken on the day concerned.

Shift lists

  • When shift lists are drawn up, supervisors must from now on also be given the opportunity to express their opinion on the practices applied to breaks.

Annual leave

  • In deciding the dates of annual leave, efforts are to be made to take supervisors’ wishes and arrangements to support coping at work into account.

Annual discussion with supervisors

  • Obligations to discuss the following are added to the annual discussion:
    • how the pay system is applied and the basis of it.
    • at the supervisor’s initiative, whether enough time is allotted for supervisory work as well as substitution arrangements.

Supervisors’ wellbeing at work

  • Monitoring project for the supervisors’ wellbeing at work project. The project will feature e.g. age management, extension of working careers, coping and continuing at work. 

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For shop stewards

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Entry into force and implementation of the collective agreement changes (to be added later)

Implementation of the pay settlement (to be added later)

Collective agreement in brief

Key provisions of the commerce collective agreement in a nutshell.

Collective agreement in brief, Finnish (to be added later)

Collective agreement in brief, Swedish (to be added later)

Collective agreement in brief, English (to be added later)

Collective agreement in brief, Russian (to be added later)

Collective agreement in brief, Estonian (to be added later)


Membersorder the collective agreement here (latest version online)

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