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Paying your membership fees

There are two ways to pay your membership fees. The easiest way is to let your employer deduct the membership fees directly from your pay. You can also pay the membership fees yourself. You can deduct membership fees from your taxes.

Easy fee: employer collection

Let your employer deduct the membership fee directly from your pay – it’s the easiest way. All you have to do is sign a membership fee collection agreement with your employer and check on your monthly payslip that the fee has been deducted correctly. Your employer is required to give you a payslip. You can authorize your employer to collect your fees as follows:

Your employer cannot start collecting membership fees from your pay until you have signed a written agreement on collection of trade union membership fees.

How to pay membership fees yourself

If your employer does not collect the membership fee from your pay, you will need to pay the fees yourself. However, the most convenient way is for the employer to deduct the fees from your pay. You can pay your membership fees through our e-service by logging in using your own membership number and password.

If you pay your own membership fees, request payment reference numbers by calling our telephone service on 030 100 600 or by sending an e-mail to jasenrekisteri@pam.fi. Using a reference list is by far the easiest way when you pay your membership fees directly using your own computer. The reference list includes a separate reference number for each monthly fee.

You can access the membership fee calculator here (in Finnish).

Membership fees are payable:

  • for all taxable earnings, benefits and bonuses paid by your employer;
  • for holiday compensation paid by your employer;
  • for part-time work, even if the Unemployment Fund collects a membership fee for the adjusted unemployment allowance paid for the same period;
  • for any allowances and benefits paid to you by the Unemployment Fund.

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