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You can apply for a break from membership fees

A member of PAM can be unemployed for acceptable reasons. You do not need to pay membership fees during such periods.   

A lot of things happen in life, and the same is true for working life. In certain life situations, you may have the right to a period without membership fees. Reasons for such a period include:  

  • studies  
  • family leave  
  • military service  
  • Sickness allowance (sairauspäiväraha) or unemployment allowance (työttömyyspäiväraha) from Kela.  

You will not automatically receive a break from membership fees, so you will need to notify PAM if you are unemployed for an acceptable reason. This will allow you to continue your membership. For example, PAM does not directly receive information about family leave from employers, so it is important that you are active in notifying PAM.   

You do not need to pay membership fees if you are not receiving a salary or benefit from the unemployment fund. If you are receiving an allowance from the unemployment fund, the union and unemployment fund’s membership fees will be deducted from the allowance. However, if you are studying and working at the same time, you must pay the membership fee from the salary you receive.  

Read more about different life situations and their effects on membership fees.  

Notify PAM about a period without a salary that gives you the right to a break from membership fees either through PAM’s e-service or by calling the membership services.