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29.03.2023 22:45

Agreement on pay increases for facility services sector workers – all strikes are cancelled

Service Union United PAM and Real Estate Employers accepted a deal on a new collective agreement for the facility services sector late on Wednesday evening 29 March 2023. The strike on Thursday and Friday and all other industrial action is cancelled.

The two-year collective agreement (1.3.2023-31.3.2025) ensures better pay and terms of employment for facility services sector workers.

“Negotiations were very difficult, and this deal was not easy to accept. I’m content, that we got cleaners and janitors pay increases in euros, as they relatively raise the lowest wages significantly more. There’s still room for improvement in pay and working conditions, but the groundwork to build on is now better”, says PAM president Annika Rönni-Sällinen.

The negotiations were very difficult. After months of negotiations and two strikes, both PAM and employers rejected the third mediation proposal by the National Conciliator. Finally, after long discussions, a solution that both parties could agree to was found.

“The strikes and the threat of strikes played an important role in achieving a solution, that improved significantly during negotiation and mediation process. A big thanks to all workers who went on strike and who supported the strikes for making the work and it’s worth to society visible”, says Rönni-Sällinen.

Pay increases benefit low-wage workers the most

Personal monthly wages increase 95 euros on 1 May 2023 (0,59 euros per hour) and 1,8 percent on 1 August 2024 (or from the following pay period).

Pay scales increase by 4,4 percent on 1 May 2023 and 1,8 percent on 1 August 2024.

In addition to wage increases, the deal includes changes that improve equality and coping at work, such as equal paid family leave and two more Saturday-Sunday combination days off a year.

More detailed information on this page .