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30.05.2023 16:05

Can I get paid, if the strike in private social services closes my place of work?

Strikes in private social services will close private child care and 24h assisted living facilities. Therefore, PAM members might face a situation where they cannot get to their workplace because it is closed, or they must stay home to care for a small child.

The impact on income depends on if it is the worker’s place of work that is closed, or if a worker cannot work because a child’s day care is closed.

If working is inhibited because the place you work is closed

Employees are entitled to receive their wages if they are prevented from working for reasons beyond the control of the employer or the employee. If the reason is industrial action by other workers, wages are paid for a maximum of 7 days. But this requires that it is not possible to perform the work at your own workplace.

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If you need to stay home to care for a small child

An employee can stay home, if it is necessary because a small child’s day care is closed. If the absence from work is necessary, there can be no warning given or other consequences for the worker. But in that case the employer does not have an obligation to pay salary.

If a PAM member does work that is put on strike

If the work that you do is part of another union’s strike, you should also strike, even if you are a PAM member. For these strikes declared by JHL, the members of SAK affiliated unions can seek strike pay by completing a web form. More information from the JHL regional office in the area.

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