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03.03.2023 09:10

Collective agreement negotiations in the property services sector end without a result – cleaners and property workers to go on strike

Service Union United PAM and Real Estate Employers were too far apart in their views on the level of pay rises, so PAM broke off the negotiations and issued a strike warning for the sector. The strike will start on 16 March and will affect around 2500 employees.

Apteekkialan järjestöjen mukaan lääkeasioiden uudistuksen tulee tähdätä järkevään ja vaikuttavaan lääkehoitoon

“The property services sector employs cleaners and janitors on low wages and they need decent pay rises to boost their purchasing power. However, in the negotiations we didn’t reach a consensus with employers on wage rises that would have given a sufficient boost to workers’ incomes in the sector”, PAM President Annika Rönni-Sällinen regrets.

Service Union United PAM and Real Estate Employers have been negotiating wages and employment conditions for the sector since January. The parties’ views on the level of pay rises are still too far apart.

On Wednesday 1 March PAM decided to break off negotiations and issue a strike warning for the property services sector. The previous collective agreement for the property services sector ended on 28 February.

Strike to begin on Thursday 16 March

Unless a negotiating result is achieved earlier, the strike will start at midnight on 16 March 2023 and end at midnight on 18 March 2023 or at the end of the shift starting before midnight.

The stoppage applies to work covered by the collective agreement for property services sector employees in companies or sites covered by the strike.

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