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11.04.2023 13:23

“Customer service work is just my thing!”

Lila Pietiläinen’s, 25, first job was a summer job as a ride attendant at the Linnanmäki amusement park. It went well that summer, and it encouraged her to go into customer service work.

Linnanmäki poiki Lila Pietiläiselle (kuvan oikeassa laidassa) kimmokkeen jatkaa asiakaspalvelutyössä. Kuva: Lila Pietiläisen kotialbumi

It’s almost five years ago now that Lila Pietiläinen from Espoo was getting nervous about her first working day as a ride attendant at the Linnanmäki amusement park. It was the start of her very first job. The whole time she was just thinking: would she manage?

− There was no need to be on edge. We got good orientation training and at first we worked in pairs on the kids’ rides so no-one was one their own, Lila says.

She quickly got to know other summer workers too – or masters of fun, as they are called at Linnanmäki. And there were plenty of colleagues as Linnanmäki has over 700 summer workers in different roles.

− It was like one big family, I wasn’t on my own at all. Help was always at hand, Lila says.

The job quickly taught her responsibility as safety is priority number one for ride attendants. You have to be alert all the time and you can’t be glancing at your phone as you work.

Once she got the hang of it she was looking after kids’ rides on her own. She was also put on some of the racier rides like the legendary Kieputin. Lila herself didn’t ride on it even though workers get free access to the park as a perk of the job.

− I did go on some rides that I wouldn’t have dared to go on myself, she laughs.

Enjoyable encounters

In her summer job Lila particularly liked working outside and the atmosphere of the amusement park, even though the working days could be up to 10 hours long. There were breaks during the day and it was the younger customers who made her working days particularly enjoyable. 

− I loved the way the kids were so excited when they came off the rides. If anyone looked unhappy, we gave them stickers and their face lit up straight away.

She also learned how to deal with different sorts of people in different situations and was surprised herself how much she enjoyed customer service work.

− I just thought this work is made for me! I couldn’t imagine being in any other job than customer service. 

Inspired by customer service work

Lila’s good experience in her summer job pointed the direction for her career. For the last four years she has worked at the store in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, where currently she handles customer returns and repairs. Whilst working she has completed a business studies qualification.

Lila still enjoys meeting customers and especially those times when an angry customer comes in with a complaint about a product and leaves with a smile.

She encourages anyone considering a summer job to boldly try out service sector work.

− With experience you get paid more too and a summer job can be a stepping stone to your next employment.