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20.03.2024 16:41

Eyeing a summer job in the service sector and have an interview ahead? Check out these tips for the job interview

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Careful preparation can help reduce nerves, bring certainty, and help you succeed.

Summer job interviews can be organized in many ways besides the typical individual interviews, for example using remote connections, as group interviews, or over the phone. Regardless of the interview format, preparing well can help you overcome nervousness and succeed more surely.

1. Imagine the interview in your mind

Before the interview, it’s wise to read through the job posting and your own application again. This refreshes your memory about what the summer job entails. Also, get to know the employer, for example through its website. Knowing what kind of company you’re applying to work for, and having basic knowledge about it, says that you’re interested in the job.

Think in advance about what you might be asked by looking at common interview questions. Usual questions include “Tell us a little about yourself”, “Why should we hire you?” and “Why do you want this job in particular?”. Review your strengths and think about how you can present yourself. Also consider what you could ask about the company or the job you will be doing. Practicing out loud can give you confidence in your presentation.

Additionally, there are rules in working life that everyone should know. These rules have been agreed upon in legislation and sector-specific collective agreements. By familiarizing yourself with them before the job interview you ensure your rights and can help you avoid many problems.

2. Take care of practical matters the day before

Choose your outfit for the interview in advance and ensure your clothes are clean and neat. Check the route to the interview location so you arrive on time, even if there is traffic congestion or a bus service is missed. Also pack your school and work certificates in your bag. If the interview is conducted via video or phone, arrange a quiet place where you can focus on the interview without background noise or interruptions.

3. Make a good impression during the interview

The interview starts with the first impression, so use it to your advantage. Be on time, whether in person or at the end of a phone/video connection, and greet the interviewer cheerfully. Don’t forget to smile even if you’re nervous.

The job interview is your opportunity to make a positive impression of yourself with the employer, so confidently talk about yourself and your skills. Answer questions thoroughly with concrete examples, but avoid rambling. It’s always best to be honest in your responses.

It’s also good to remember that in a job interview, the employer can only ask questions related to the work and its execution. Questions about a job applicant’s family relationships, family planning, beliefs or religion are not allowed. Looking at an employee’s social media profiles or gathering information about them from Google is also not good practice. The employer should assess applicant and how they would fit into the work community through the job application and interview.

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4. Conclude the interview with questions and thanks

At the end of the interview, you can ask questions about the summer job or the employer. This good to use this opportunity, because it can provide important information that tells you more about the job than the job posting does. At the same time, it shows the employer you have genuine interest in the work and the tasks. You could ask, for example, clarifying questions about pay, job responsibilities, or how the recruitment process continues if it hasn’t already been explained to you.

Remember to also thank your interviewer for the opportunity you were given.

Good luck with your job interview!