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01.03.2023 13:52

If public transport is not running because of strike

Sometimes industrial action can disrupt commuter traffic. Workers have an obligation to try to get to work by all reasonable means.

Apteekkialan järjestöjen mukaan lääkeasioiden uudistuksen tulee tähdätä järkevään ja vaikuttavaan lääkehoitoon

If there is no replacing public transport, you don't have a car, or can't bike to work due to the length of the commute, the a strike can be seen as a legitimate reason not to go to work.

In such a case the absence cannot be seen as without cause and you can't receive a warning or other consequences.

But you need to inform you employer, preferably beforehand, and agree on arrangements, for example make changes to shift lists or agree on unpaid leave.

Exception: a night worker has the right to commuting transportation

Night work is work that is done between 11 pm and 6 am.  An employee who works at night has the right to commuting transportation if there is no satisfactory public transportation with a route or schedule at the start or end of the shift and the employee does not have a car or a comparable vehicle in use.