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12.02.2023 22:55

PAM accepted the negotiation result in commerce sector – 165 euro pay increase and 400 euros in one-time payment

Service Union United PAM’s Executive Committee has accepted the commerce sector collective agreement negotiation result reached with Finnish Commerce Federation. The two-year agreement raises a full-time workers pay by 165 euros a month and also pays 400 euro as a one-time payment. All strikes and industrial action are cancelled as an agreement was reached.

Apteekkialan järjestöjen mukaan lääkeasioiden uudistuksen tulee tähdätä järkevään ja vaikuttavaan lääkehoitoon

PAM and Finnish Commerce Federation managed Sunday evening to reach a negotiation result on pay and terms of employment in the commerce sector. PAM President Annika Rönni-Sällinen is pleased with the end result in negotiations that were at no point easy.

“We negotiated a deal we can be pleased with. Our long-term goal of pay increases in euros was realised. Increases in euros instead of percent is to the advantage of low-income workers in particular.”

Full-time workers personal wages are increased by 165 euros a month, of which the first years increase is 105 euros (0,66 euros/hour) and the second years increase is 60 euros (0,38 euros/hour). Pay scales are increased by 6,02 percent, of which the first year’s increase is 3,88 percent and the second year’s 2,14 percent.  The first pay hike takes effect as of 1.6.2023 and the second year’s as of 1.6.2024.

The one-time payment, which for full-time employees is 400 euros, is paid with the April salary. The payment can also be made in two instalments.

The agreement also included improvements to paid family leave, as the non-birthing parents get 36 days of paid family leave instead of the current 6 days.

The collective agreement is in force for two years, from 1 February 2023 until 31 January 2025.  

The negotiations were not easy. The strikes that took place and those that were foreseen had a significant impact on reaching such a good result – all our commerce sector members deserve the credit. I also want to say thank you to the National Conciliator and the Finnish Commerce Federation for the fact that we despite a very difficult situation at the end reached a deal through negotiations”, said Rönni-Sällinen.