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04.12.2023 16:34

PAM and Wolt started negotiations on the rules of work for couriers

Service Union United PAM and the technology company Wolt started negotiating the rules of work for couriers. The negotiations were made possible by the EU’s updated competition policy guidelines.

Olli Koski, Wolt’s Public Policy Director for the Nordic countries, says that with the agreement, Wolt’s aim is to create clear and commonly understood rules for the work of the self-employed.

— For years, Wolt has been for the right of self-employed to negotiate the rules of work. We are optimistic about the negotiations, and we hope to achieve an outcome that is favourable for all parties. Since we are in somewhat unknown territory, it may take some time to find a common ground. However, we do believe that both parties have the will, in which case the way to an agreement can be found.

— Currently, the working conditions and pay of couriers are determined in a different way than what we are used to for employees who are covered by collective agreements. Building an agreement for couriers will be a demanding task, but we want to be part of creating a new culture and clear ground rules for work in the platform economy. Our aim is to include couriers in the Finnish collective bargaining system regardless of the form of working, says Jaana Ylitalo, PAM’s Collective Bargaining Director.

— I am happy that the organizing of couriers has brought us to this point, and we can start negotiating an agreement. We need predictability and fair terms, says Papy Nkunda, chair of the trade union branch PAM Couriers Finland.

Negotiations started today and are expected to continue until Spring 2024.

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