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24.11.2023 12:58

PAM Council resolution: The union is there to support you, you can support your union

Finnish culture is above all about trust in others and the fact that we are also here for each other — ­ assistance is available when you ask for it.

We have a strong desire to work together, to agree and to value what we have achieved together. Trust in acting together is the reason why Finland has succeeded — and if we want, we can continue to be successful. Studies show that Finland is both the happiest and most trusting country in the world.

Trust is also at the heart of trade unionism: we trust that by working together we can achieve more. We make things better together. At PAM, we are a union for each other and support when it is needed. However, this joint action does not come from nowhere, but requires the contribution of each member: a willingness to build a better working life, to stand up for what is good and to speak up when needed to defend and change things. We want to build a better working life together and that’s why we belong to a trade union.

The planned cuts by the Orpo-Purra government are creating a huge sense of insecurity. They hit hard at the very trust of Finns and the way that trust has been built up. They undermine the foundations of the welfare state: you can’t talk about a welfare state if the cuts hit the very people who need support from the welfare state most. Feeling insecure is a very unpleasant and dangerous condition — and that’s why no-one should be left alone with it. That’s why now is the time to get active in your own trade union and workplace.

The shop steward and the occupational safety representative need your support to be able to operate as well as possible in all situations. Talk about it, discuss it at work and offer your help whenever you can. We are a union and therefore each and every one of us is needed to work together. Even if we don’t always see you at work, the union is there for you. The union is there to support you, you can support your union.

The purpose of the legislation is first and foremost to protect the vulnerable, who are often disadvantaged. It is therefore totally unreasonable that the government is now dictating and aggressively attacking legislation that is intended to act as a safety net at work and in life. These proposed cuts affect all of us in a broad sense and that is why we must stand together in support of each other.

At PAM, we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in working life. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn the language, receive training and support at every stage of their working life. Fining people for being ill, reducing their protection against dismissal, punishing them for being unemployed or working part-time is not support, it is unreasonable bullying.

But nothing has been decided yet. Now is the time to act, so that the proposed measures do not become concrete and the government hears our voices. Use your voice, it is very valuable: participate in demonstrations, take a stand and tell your colleagues why they too should act for the common good.

Democracy is about everyone having a voice. The culture of agreement must be preserved: dictation is not agreement and that is why you are now needed to protect the Finnish culture of agreement and trust.

When we act together, good will always win in the end. This is what we believe and trust in.

PAM Council resolution 22.11.2023.