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20.06.2024 11:46

Progress in negotiations between PAM and Wolt during Spring – talks to continue in August

Negotiations have been actively conducted throughout the beginning of the year. PAM and Wolt have met in various configurations a total of around twenty times.

Throughout the beginning of the year, PAM and Wolt have been negotiating on the rules for couriers’ work and, more recently, also the self-employed couriers’ compensation. If realized, the collective agreements would be the first of their kind for couriers working through platform in Finland.

– The negotiations have covered all issues concerning couriers. The challenge is significant, and there is still work to be done, says Papy Nkunda, chair of the union branch PAM Couriers Finland.

According to Anu Kähkönen, PAM’s collective bargaining specialist, negotiating a new type of agreement is not straightforward.

– This is new for both PAM and Wolt. Therefore, patience is also required in the negotiations, says Kähkönen.

The goal of collective bargaining is to establish clear and mutually understood rules for couriers’ work. Additionally, the agreements aim to create clear structures for dialogue and dispute resolution between the company and couriers.

– Negotiations have been ongoing for several months. Many open questions remain, but progress has been made in putting the two perspectives together, making it sensible to continue the negotiations in August, says Olli Koski, Head of Public Policy for the Nordics at Wolt.

The Service Union United PAM and technology company Wolt began negotiations on the rules of couriers’ work in December 2023.


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