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04.06.2024 10:04

Statement by PAM’s council: The government’s working life reforms hit wage earners hard – but we stand strong  

The government has pushed through historically strong changes in working life and the labour market. Thousands of children have slipped into poverty, the opportunities for training and further education for employees have been cut down and the situation of part-time workers has become worse. We at PAM demand a more respectful working life that is…


The Orpo-Purra government has tried to trample upon workers’ rights with extreme measures aimed at deteriorating the conditions in working life. The measures have pushed thousands of children into poverty, made it harder for workers to have training or further education and worsened the situation of part-time workers. Workers’ freedom of expression has also been limited through restrictions on the right to strike and strike fines.

All this is reflected at workplaces: the trust has weakened, and so has the working conditions and the position of union representatives. We at PAM wonder if it is really possible to build a better working life by worsening the situation for the workers?

We demand a more respectful working life that is based on cooperation and where everyone’s contribution is appreciated. We at PAM emphasize the importance of community and collaboration in building a better working life.

The European Parliament elections are just around the corner. Let’s make sure that the wage earner’s voice is heard in the European Union. PAM’s council urges everyone to vote for a candidate who defends the position of wage earners in the upcoming election.