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07.02.2023 19:52

Strikes in commerce sector go ahead – PAM still seeks 200 euro pay raise

The National Conciliator notified Tuesday that she could not present a mediation proposal in the labour dispute between Service Union United PAM and Finnish Commerce Federation. Hence, strikes in the commerce sector will start on 9 February.

”PAM’s and Finnish Commerce Federation’s views still differ significantly, also on issues other than pay. PAM’s goal is still to get commerce sector workers a significant pay raise that ensures purchasing power and brings relief in the midst of inflation. This would mean a pay raise of about 200 euros”, says PAM President Annika Rönni-Sällinen.

Strikes start in part of Kesko logistics services and 160 S-group’s and K-group’s supermarkets on Thursday 9 February at 05.00 am and end on Saturday 11 February at 05.00 am.

List of strike sites here.