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16.02.2023 12:56

Workplace disputes can become expensive without union support -”You never know what might happen in working life ”

Wrongful termination or unpaid wages are typical grievances in the services industry. Marja Salmivuori of Service Union United PAM encourages workers to seek security in working life while things are going well.

“Few come to think that they might need help with legal issues of working life.”

Marja Salmivuori is the manager of the employment advice experts that help PAM members resolve disputes with employers. Thus, she has become familiar with the ugly side of working life.

“Typical cases in the services sectors are when people are laid off without proper cause or they have not gotten the right pay.

Most disputes are resolved by settlements between the parties, but PAM’s jurists also take lots of cases to court every year. Legal processes are usually long and can take years to work their way through the courts. At the same time, costs can rack up to tens of thousands of euros.

“If a service sector worker takes a case to court on their own, they take the risk of high costs. The side that loses their case in court has to pay the legal costs of the opposing side. As a union member you don’t have this risk, because when the union takes the case to court it also takes on all costs. Few can afford to defend their rights without union membership.”

Home insurance does not bring security in working life, says Salmivuori, as it’s legal expenses insurance rarely covers employment disputes.

”Many don’t look up the terms of their insurance until there are already problems in the employment relationship. That’s why trade union membership brings security to working life. You never know what you might happen in working life”, Salmivuori points out.

Security in working life

Everything doesn’t always go as planned in working life. Service Union United PAM offers workers in the private services industries individual advice and help in all questions regarding employment. PAM’s experts and jurists know the ins and outs of the laws and agreements governing the private services industries and are there for members in all situations.

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