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Many reasons to join PAM

Belonging to a trade union is the best thing there is! Join PAM

Only trade unions stand up for workers in working life. Benefits like workers’ holiday entitlements, sick pay or parental leave didn’t just happen. The status of these and many other employee benefits depends on each and every member. Trade unions negotiate collective agreements, where working rules are agreed on, and unions also influence legislation.

It’s only as a union member that you can help to hold on to these employee benefits and stop them being undercut! That’s why belonging to a trade union is the best thing there is.

When you join PAM, you will be one of a group of people taking an interest in how well workers are looked after. In PAM you won’t have to sort out your pay or negotiate your working conditions yourself. And if you have problems in your job, you won’t have to deal with them by yourself either – help is at hand from your union. When you work in the private service sector, your union is PAM.

Join PAM

You’re a pro – it’s your union

Joining a trade union shows that you value your profession, that you want to take working conditions forward in your sector and that for you it’s important to stick to the rules in working life. As a PAM union member you belong to a group of over 230,000 workers in private service sectors. And this group demands a better future and working conditions – for everyone. By being a member you influence how loudly we speak when we negotiate working conditions and pay in service sectors.

If you want to secure your future and have better working conditions, join us.

Collective agreements

PAM’s most important role is to negotiate collective agreements for service sectors. These set out the minimum conditions to be applied in work, such as pay, working time, sick pay, compensation for weekday public holidays etc. These conditions are the minimum conditions that employers must apply to all their employees. Collective agreements mean that you don’t have to negotiate your working conditions yourself; PAM has negotiated them for you.

Collective agreements set out working conditions, including pay. Your trade union negotiates them for you, backed by over 230,000 members.

Advice in all employment-related matters 

If you have a shop steward at your workplace, you can always get help from him/her in all employment-related matters. You can also get help from PAM’s offices and service numbers.

You will be looked after by the shop steward at your workplace or PAM’s offices and advice services.

Legal services for employment-related matters 

As a member you have access to legal assistance and the services of the union’s lawyer. PAM deals with 1500 disputes a year. Typically these can be disagreements over pay. Check the disputes page to see what type of cases PAM has handled and is handling for its members.

Security for the unemployed

As a PAM member you automatically belong to PAM’s Unemployment Fund. As a fund member you build up earnings-related allowances, which guarantee you a better income during any period of unemployment.


As a member you get training to increase your professional skills or prepare you to be a shop steward or work in your branch.

Other membership benefits

PAM membership benefits can be used both at work and in your spare time. E.g. holiday and insurance benefits, fuel discounts etc. Click here to read more.


It’s easy to join online. Click here.


If you want to order or print membership application material, click here. You will be transferred to PAM’s webshop, where you can order PAM material.


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