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Last updated: 17.08.2023

Reduction in working time in the service industries

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PAM has made agreements with employer organisations on the paid holidays that workers will get in connection with mid-week holidays. The number of free days and the pay for them are different in different sectors. In the collective agreements made by PAM, these are called reduction in working time (työajan lyhennys).

  • In the Commercial Sector, a system of annual free days (vuosivapaapäivät) has been used since the beginning of 2017 to reduce the annual working time.
  • At the beginning of 2017, the collective agreements for workers and supervisors in the Hotel, Restaurant and Leisure Industry started using the VV system for annual free days.
  • For Event Agencies, a Z days system is used.
  • In the Amusement, Theme and Adventure Parks Sector, the annual working time is reduced by Z days.
  • The Ski Resort Industry’s collective agreement has a system of Z days.

Read your sector’s collective agreement to see how the working time is reduced in your sector:

The pay for working and some other rules about religious holidays and their eves are also different in different collective agreements.

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