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16.08.2023 15:15

768 members are standing for election in PAM’s Union Congress elections

The Union Congress is held every four years and is the highest decision-making body in Service Union United PAM. It elects the union’s Executive Committee, the Council and the President and decides on the union’s priority action programme. In the elections, which start at the end of August, 329 Union Congress representatives will be elected…

PAM’s Organisation Manager Aki Rouhiainen is pleased that almost 800 union members are interested in becoming decision-makers.

“The large number of candidates shows that there are many members who want to be actively involved in the union’s activities, define where we are heading and to build PAM into a stronger and more attractive trade union. Having a high number of candidates promotes open dialogue and ensures different views come to the fore”, says Rouhiainen and continues

“Right now we need strength in numbers. Attempts are being made to deny workers the right to demonstrate. Unemployment and employment security also risk being undermined. The PAM members who are elected as Union Congress representatives will be able to define what the union stands for and influence the position of service sector workers in society.”

Elections will be held electronically – election result known on 21 September 2023

A total of 768 candidates came forward for PAM’s Union Congress elections. Union Congress representatives represent all PAM agreement sectors and almost 200 different job titles. The candidates represent 105 different union branches from all over Finland. The average age of the candidates is 45 years. 8% of candidates are young, under 31 years old. 60% of candidates are women and 40% men.

Voting in the Union Congress elections takes place between 28 August and 15 September 2023. PAM’s Union Congress elections are now being held for the second time as a web-based election only. The electronic voting is being organised by Edita Prima, who have long experience in organising electronic elections.

The election result and the Congress representatives elected will be published on PAM’s website on Thursday 21 September 2023.

Union Congress decides the way forward for PAM and chooses the leadership

PAM’s Union Congress will be held in Jyväskylä between 24−26 October 2023. The Union Congress is held every four years and is the highest decision-making body in the union. The Congress sets out what PAM will do and approves the priority action programme. Congress representatives also elect the Union President, the personal deputy of the Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee and the Council.

Annika Rönni-Sällinen, who has led Service Union United since 2019, has signalled her willingness to continue to head the union in the coming period. No other candidates have been announced for the post of President.