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22.01.2023 19:42

PAM issues a strike warning in the commerce sector to speed up collective agreement negotiations

Service Union United PAM and the Finnish Commerce Federation, which represents employers, have negotiated wages and employment conditions for the sector at the start of the year. PAM President Annika Rönni-Sällinen considers that the negotiations on wages have not progressed due to the employers’ actions. PAM’s Executive Committee decided to speed up the negotiations with…

Apteekkialan järjestöjen mukaan lääkeasioiden uudistuksen tulee tähdätä järkevään ja vaikuttavaan lääkehoitoon

“The Finnish Commerce Federation has continued to be unwilling to discuss a pay rise that would safeguard workers’ purchasing power. We hope that the strike warning will now speed up the negotiations”, says Rönni-Sällinen, who is concerned about workers’ incomes in the sector.

“Companies in the commerce sector are reporting strong results and at the same time their employees are having to save on everything to make their wages to further. Workers are entitled to a decent pay rise.”

In the negotiations PAM is aiming for pay rises in line with those achieved in German industry. For employees in the commerce sector this would mean an increase of around 200 euros in their monthly pay.

“We want the strike warning to speed up reaching a settlement in other sectors where we are negotiating as well. The whole labour market round is at a standstill because employers have mandated technology industry employers to negotiate pay rises for all sectors. That’s why we must ensure that with rising prices and spiralling inflation employers cannot hold back pay rises for wage earners”, Rönni-Sällinen stresses.

If no settlement is reached, strikes will begin on Monday 6 February

Strikes in the commerce sector will begin at 25 warehouses at 5.00 am on Monday 6 February and end at 5.00 am on Thursday 9 February (or at the end of the shifts starting before then).

Strikes will continue at over 160 commerce sector locations at 5.00 am on Thursday 9 February and end at 5.00 am on Saturday 11 February (or at the end of the shifts starting before then).

The strike covers a total of over 185 operating locations and in all around 20,000 employees. The list of operating locations is attached to this announcement.

The strikes apply to all employees working at the strike sites covered  by the collective agreements negotiated by PAM and the Finnish Commerce Federation, including temporary staff  and agency workers.

More information on the strike in the commerce sector and the strike sites >


PAM’s Executive Committee terminates several collective agreements

PAM’s Executive Committee has also terminated the collective agreements for the property services sector, Alko, the customer service and telemarketing sector and the Finnish National Theatre. The current collective agreements end on 28 February 2023.