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21.09.2023 12:30

PAM’s election result confirmed – delegates to the union congress have been elected

The majority of delegates elected to the PAM union congress are first timers. Of the 329 elected delegates, 183 will attend a union congress for the first time.


The PAM union congress elections were held on 28 August to 15 September as electronic elections. PAM’s Executive Committee confirmed the election result on Thursday, 21 September 2023.

“The elected delegates represent PAM members from different sectors and workplaces all around Finland. It’s great that there was interest in the election and nearly 800 members sought a spot at the congress”, says Organising Manager Aki Rouhiainen.

“Men were a bit more active voters than women”, continues Rouhiainen.

Nearly 60 percent of the elected delegates represent the commerce sector. Twenty percent represent the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry, and 17 percent property services and private security sectors. There are also delegates elected from specialty industries, such as pharmacy and casino services.

The turnout was a bit higher than in the last election as 13,4 percent used their right to vote.

Two thirds of the elected delegates are women. The mean age of delegates is 46 years, the youngest being 22 years and the oldest 65 years of age.

The biggest numbers of votes went to Heikki Laakkonen and Christa Pessi of Uusimaa, Melina Mäkelä of Satakunta, Pia Kyrö of Kymenlaakso and Kimmo Alatalo of Northern Ostrobothnia.

The elected delegates and more information on the election result are found at

The union congress decides on PAM’s priorities and chooses leadership

The next step in the preparations for the union congress are made among the delegates. They will get training and information about meeting’s procedures and practicalities and get to acquaint themselves with the congress materials such as the priority action programme to be adopted at the congress. The union congress also selects PAM’s President and the personal deputy of the President as well as members of the Executive Committee and Council.

“We’re sure to have an interesting and important congress for the delegates as for all our members. The decisions made by the congress will affect the unions activities. Furthermore, the congress is held at a historically significant moment, with threats to weaken service workers’ and unemployed persons’ position are top of mind due to the Orpo-Purra government’s plans. Everyone is needed now to defend the interests and rights of workers”, says PAM’s Executive Director Heidi Lehikoinen.

Read more about the union congress at


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