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Last updated: 27.06.2023

Occupational health and safety action measures are based on a programme

Occupational health and safety action programmes are prepared for workplaces in industrial cooperation.

The action programme for occupational health and safety is prepared in industrial cooperation. The action programme defines the workplace’s health and safety responsibilities and necessary measures. It also includes the targets for the promotion of occupational health and safety and the workers’ work ability. The plan may also include the statutory equality plan and non-discrimination plan.  

By law, every employer must prepare a programme specific to them. The content, form, extent, and execution of the action programme are chosen according to the employer’s industry, size, mode of production or service, and their working environment’s risk assessment. 

The action programme may be prepared at the company level to act as a general guideline and set of objectives. The programme is then modified for the local conditions of each workplace. Alternatively, separate programmes may be prepared for every workplace.  

At a minimum, the action programme should include the following: 

  • occupational health and safety targets 
  • occupational health and safety responsibilities 
  • occupational health and safety organisation 
  • occupational healthcare 
  • working environment description and development needs 
  • working condition monitoring 
  • maintenance and monitoring of the action programme. 

Occupational health and safety management measures must be based on a risk assessment. The action programme is a steering tool. It must be monitored and updated whenever the circumstances change. Typically, the programme is prepared for the term of the health and safety representatives. All levels of the organisation must be committed to the aims, targets, and measures of the action programme. 

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