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Last updated: 21.06.2023

Indoor air quality

Everyone must be able to breathe easily to do good work. There may be several reasons for poor indoor air quality and respiratory symptoms.

Our individual sensitivity to air quality varies greatly. Some may suffer severe symptoms, while others notice nothing. 

Employers are responsible for health and safety 

Employers are responsible for making their workplaces healthy and safe. The early detection and correction of indoor air quality problems can often prevent major damage and costs.  

Every person must take responsibility for observing their workplace’s indoor air quality. If you are concerned about your workplace’s indoor air quality, contact your occupational health and safety representative and supervisor. Your employer must inform you and the occupational health and safety representative of the measures they will take or have taken already. If your employer decides that your report gives no cause for further action, they must also tell you this. 

If you have a health issue, also contact your occupational health service. 

Indoor air quality factors must be assessed regularly in conjunction with the workplace’s hazard assessment. 

Useful links  

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