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Work counselling to support you as a staff representative

Do you feel you need support in your position as a staff representative? Welcome to PAM’s individual work counselling!

In work counselling, you have space and time to lighten the burden of your everyday life. Sharing all kinds of thoughts and feelings is allowed. In individual work counselling, you will review your experiences related to the position of trust and develop your own role in the position of trust and your professional competence.

The purpose of work counselling is not to give direct advice and instructions to those receiving counselling. Instead, the work counsellor asks questions to help the person receiving counselling find their own solutions to improve the flow of work, structure work-related situations and learn from them.

Work counselling is based on confidentiality with a trained work counsellor. 

Work counselling takes place over the phone

Work counselling is given over the phone. In the first work counselling session, the need for further counselling is assessed together, and additional counselling sessions are booked. The duration of individual work counselling is 45 minutes. ‘

At the moment, work counselling is only available in Finnish.

Book a telephone appointment here. First choose a work counsellor, then you can book a suitable time in the calendar. The work counsellor will call you at the phone number you provided in the booking.