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Training for local branch activities

Are you active in a local branch? Gain expertise in local branch activities in online courses or general courses from the Kiljava Institute.

Online courses for active members of local branches

You can develop your skills in self-study online courses according to your own schedule. To study, you just need a computer or a smartphone, internet connection and headphones. To get the most out of the training, find a quiet spot and some time.

Task-specific training courses at the Kiljava Institute

If you have a role in a local branch, you can participate in one general course organised by the Kiljava Institute every year. PAM pays the participation fee for the task-specific course.

Check out the Kiljava Institute’s task-specific training courses here.

Any loss of earnings will be compensated in the form of a tax-exempt course allowance. The local branch may support your participation in a task-specific course. Please contact your own local branch directly.

Always register for the Kiljava Institute’s courses through PAM. Fill in the course application and submit it to We will review and submit the application to Kiljava.

On-demand training for local branches – a great way to develop competence!

Get additional expertise in your local branch by organising training. Training can be ordered from PAM and other providers. Local branches can apply for course support to organise the training they offer members.

More information and more detailed instructions on how to apply for course support can be found on the active members’ Howspace platform.

Tailored training for the board

We offer training to develop the work of the board in local branches. Training is planned with the board of the local branch. The main focus of the training is the development of lobbying and member acquisition, as well as the good quality of the board’s internal work.

If you are interested, please contact PAM’s regional office.

Well-being at Work Card training on request

Order a Well-being at Work Card trainer from PAM to your local branch! Well-being at Work Card is training managed by the Centre for Occupational Safety, and its goal is to promote development and cooperation at the workplace.

The training strengthens a common understanding of wellbeing at work and structures the roles and responsibilities at the workplace in matters of wellbeing at work. The key themes of the day-long training are the perspectives of wellbeing at work, wellbeing at work in management, and the functioning, health and working capacity of the work community.

The training is free of charge at the request of local branches. Only the material costs collected by the Centre for Occupational Safety and the travel and accommodation costs of the trainer are invoiced.

Training provided by others

Find out what training our partners offer:

If you have any questions, please contact us at