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Participating in trainings

PAM’s training is free for members. PAM pays for the training it organises, catering according to the programme of the course days, travel costs and accommodation if necessary. You will receive a course letter in your email a few weeks before the training. It includes all the information related to the course, such as the schedule and other practical matters.

If you are unable to attend the training, please always let us know by email

Registration for training courses

You can register for PAM’s training courses using the event calendar.

1) Select the course you want to register for in PAM’s training and event calendar
2) Click ‘Ilmoittaudu’
3) Log in with your online bank credentials or a mobile certificate and complete your registration.

After registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration. A participant letter will be sent to those selected for the training a few weeks beforehand. It includes information about practical matters and the training programme and other details. If the course is full, and you are not selected for the course this time, we will contact you after the end of the registration period.

Travel and accommodation

PAM pays for the travel to the course site in accordance with PAM’s travel policy. We prefer public transport and carpooling when travelling. More detailed travel instructions can be found in the course invitation. Travel costs of less than 6 euros will not be compensated.

PAM pays for accommodation for long distance travellers during the course. You will be asked during registration if you need accommodation. PAM will take care of reserving the accommodation. Accommodation is in double rooms.

A single room is only paid for due to health reasons. You should always submit a separate report to the course secretary. It is also possible to get a single room at your own cost if you pay the difference between the room rates (double and single room) when rooms are available in the hotel.

Credits from PAM’s training

As a member, you can earn credits from certain courses. Credited training courses make competence visible. It also makes credit transfer for studies easier in later studies. In cooperation with WEA’s learning centre, PAM records certain courses in the national Koski study register.

In the event of an accident

All PAM’s students are insured by TURVA. Inform the course leader immediately after the accident.

Frequently asked questions

The participants in union representative and occupational safety representative courses will be selected after the end of the registration period, approximately five weeks before the course. Sometimes there are more applicants than there can be participants. If the course is full, and you cannot participate, we will contact you as soon as possible after the end of the registration period. 

If you are unable to attend the course, please inform the course secretary as soon as possible at

If you are absent but do not cancel the course, we will have to charge you part of the course costs.

Union representative and occupational safety representative training

The training is intended for all union representatives and their deputies, occupational safety representatives and their deputies, and ombudsmen.

The employer may transfer the study leave for justified reasons. However, the transfer can mainly be made only once. For more information, check your sector’s collective agreement and training agreement.

Many of the courses for union representatives and occupational safety representatives are paid, meaning they are covered by employer support. In this case, the employer will pay you your salary as usual.

See trainings with employer support 2024 (PDF in Finnish)

If the employer does not grant paid study leave, which means that the employer does not pay your salary for the duration of the course, you can apply for compensation for any loss of earnings from PAM. 

PAM covers the loss of earnings according to your net income in the form of a course allowance and scholarship. In 2023, the maximum loss of earnings will be 83.05 euros per course day. 

After completing the course, you must fill in the student’s net loss of earnings certificate (In Finnish, PDF) and attach it to the travel invoice. More detailed instructions can be found in the course invitation.

No daily allowances are paid for course days. Long-distance travellers may be entitled to a travel allowance if they already need to leave for the course on the day before the course. More detailed information can be found in the travel instructions that came with the course invitation.

Please book the course only for training and do not agree meetings or other appointments for the time specified in the course programme.