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Strike - 29.01.2023 klo 18.19

PAM’s board decided to extend the strikes in the trade sector

The strike in the trade sector will extend to week 7 if no agreement is reached before then. The labor dispute in the trade sector has been mediated this week under the leadership of the national conciliator.

“By extending the strikes, we want employers to understand that trade workers need and deserve a decent wage increase. We are aiming for a monthly increase of 200 euros, which is reasonable when inflation is on the rise and the cost of living is high,” explains PAM's President Annika Rönni-Sällinen.

The decision to extend the strikes applies to warehouse workers and will take effect on week 7. The strikes will start on Monday, February 13th at 5.00 a.m. and end on February 16th at 5.00 a.m. (or when a shift that started before 5.00 a.m. has ended). The strike affects 47 locations and approximately 4,000 employees in the trade sector.  

Strike targets in the appendix >

The strikes affect all employees who work at the strike sites and are covered by the collective agreements negotiated by PAM and the Finnish Trade Union. The strikes also apply to temp workers and subcontracted workers.

PAM's board will discuss the situation next time on Tuesday, January 31st.

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