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Updated: 23.09.2021

As a PAM member you are not alone if you are at risk of becoming unemployed, you become unemployed, you are laid off or if you are looking for a new direction in working life.

New: You can! -training in a small group
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Service sector labour market situation 

Yes you can! Small group
Help for finding a job, recognizing and articulating your talent

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You are working with a smile on your face servicing customers in a hurry and are coping will with changing circumstances. You are quick to learn e.g. cashier systems and command other systems as well. You are using multiple languages in your work. That means you can truly do it!

The purpose of the small group is to help you recognizing your own talent and finding a job that meets your talent. At the same time you receive support in developing your talent (studying) and articulating your talent (job-seeking documents).

This small group is targeted to people working on service branches, who want to map out and develop their own talent. You can be either a job-seeker or employee/student considering seeking new jobs. At the registration the participants are asked about their expectations concerning the content of the training.

The small group is meeting three times. The preliminary content:

1 Yes you can! Help in recognizing and developing your talent, e.g.
Tue 12.10. (10-11.30 am.)

At the first session you will receive concrete help in recognizing your own talent. We will also go through what kind of studying possibilities you have as an adult student

2 Tell me about your talent! Help in writing your job application, e.g.
Tue 19.10. (10-11.30 am.)

At the second session we will come strong on the job application. The coach will help you in concrete ways in writing your job application. You will also get support from the other attendees of the group. In addition to writing the job application we will get acquainted with different job-seeking channels (also hidden jobs).

3 Tell me more! Help in producing your CV and social media texts, e.g.
Tue 26.10. (10-11.30 am.)

At the third session we will familiarize primarily with the CV. You will learn to make a positively distinct CV. We will also go through different recruitment forms and the way in which the recruiters are using certain index terms. Depending on the wishes of the group, the coach will also help with social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn).

In the group you will receive tangible hints from the coach and you will get to change thoughts with other attendees. The group will be visited by a service branch recruiter, who will explain the recruiters viewpoint on convincing job-seeking documents. You will have a chance to ask the recruiter about job-seeking.

The coach of the group will be Mira Kivistö,who is an experienced career coach for service branch employees and job-seekers.

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Mira: Mira Kivistö is an experienced and enthusiastic Career Coach. She has a Master's degree in International Business and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations - in addition she has studied psychology and work psychology. She is also a Certified Personnel Assessor, Motivation
Coach and Business Coach. She has lived in several countries and has coached many international people in Finland. She speaks Finnish, Swedish and English fluently. She is an inspiring and motivating coach who wants to help people to identify their full potential and put it
into practice.

Career counselling

Book an appointment for personal coaching

In the careers service you get free, personal coaching in job search-related topics.

The coach can give you ideas and practical input to help you towards new objectives. You get support in e.g. job searching or looking for study opportunities. There is also a simulator to provide job interview coaching.

The service is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

Personal coaching

The coaching can help you in areas including the following

  • Identifying and evaluating your skills
  • Job search documents: CV and job application
  • Searching for hidden jobs
  • Finding job vacancy ads, e.g. on PAM’s jobs site
  • Studying as an adult: how do I apply, how do fund myself during studies
  • Video interview simulator. You can train using Finland’s most widely used video interview platform, with practice interviews by recruiters

You can get 1.5 hours of coaching. The first session lasts 30 minutes. You can agree follow-up sessions with the coach. Coaching is free of charge.

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When you book an appointment you are asked for your name, e-mail address and telephone number. Your membership is checked on the basis of these, so please make sure your membership details are up to date.

Read here about how coaching helped PAM member Tia

Service sector job vacancies

PAM’s jobs site makes it easy to apply directly for jobs in your sector. You can refine the search results e.g. based on location,  occupation, type of employment or company. You can set up a Job monitor that e-mails you job vacancies directly. On the site you can also find tips for job searching and working life.

The content of PAM’s jobs site is provided by Duunitori. The content is automatically updated on the site via the Duunitori job search engine. PAM is not liable for the content of job vacancy ads or the reliability of the employers advertising.

Service sector job vacancies


Service sector labour market situation

You can use PAM’s labour market service to track changes in the labour market based by sector, professional group or employment situation. You can track the jobs situation and trends by job profile and commuting zones.

The service makes it easy to compare trends in the service sector labour market by year or locality.

Demand for jobs in the service is based on browsing data for all job vacancy ads on the Duunitori site and supply is based on the number of new vacancy ads, which is visualised in an easily understandable format.

Service sector labour market situation


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